Where do I download the AIMS Metatrader 4 software?
  • Simply click here to download the Metatrader 4 software.
  • Please take note that you will have to register either a demo account or a live account.
How do I place a market order?
  • In the left column of the Metatrader 4 program there is a Market Watch window.
  • 1. Double click on the symbol of the currency pair you wish trade.

    2. An Order window will appear. Fill in all the required parameters of your trade decision such as the Symbol and Volume.

    3. Click on Sell or Buy to submit your order for execution at the next available price.

    4. Upon execution, the order will be displayed in the Trade Window at the bottom section of the screen.

How do I insert chart indicators?
  • To insert chart indicators, click on Insert > Indicators and select your desired indicator from the list.
How do I create trend lines and use other line related instruments?
  • 1. Select Insert.

    2. Select your desired trend line from the available list

    3. After your selection, a graphical icon of the selected trend line with an attached crosshair will appear. Place the crosshair over the selected chart, click and drag your mouse to adjust the size of the trend line.

    To have faster access to line studies, click on View > Toolbars and tick Line Studies so that it will appear as a permanent icons on the navigation bar.

How do I switch between a BAR, CANDLESTICK and LINE chart?
  • Bar Chart Select Charts > Bar Chart, alternatively use the keyboard shortcut [Alt + 1]

    Candlestick ChartSelect Charts > Candlesticks Chart, alternatively use the keyboard shortcut [Alt + 2]

    Line ChartSelect Charts > Line Chart, alternatively use the keyboard shortcut [Alt + 3]

How do I change my Metatrader 4 password?
  • 1. At the menu bar on top, select Tools > Options, alternatively use the keyboard shortcut [Ctrl + O].

    2. Under the Server tab, select Change.

    3. Input your current password in the Current Password text field

    4. Select Change master password if it is unchecked.

    5. Input your new desired password in the New Password text field.

    6. Retype your new password in the second Confirm text field.

    7. Click Ok.

How do I change the language?
  • At the menu bar on top, select View > Languages, select your preferred choice of language.
How do I change and view different time periods for the charts?
  • To add time periods to the main menu bar select VIEW > TOOLBARS > PERIODICITY. The following legend will be made available as a permanent fixture on the toolbar:
  • M5 = 5 Minutes chart
  • M15 = 15 Minutes chart
  • M30 = 30 Minutes chart
  • H1 = 1 Hour chart
  • H3 = 3 Hours chart
  • D1 = Daily chart
  • W1 = Weekly chart
  • MN = Monthly chart