By participating in this campaign, client acknowledges that he or she has read, and agreed to be bound by these terms and conditions.
  1. This challenge is only applicable to the first 100 participants who registered AIMS account.
  2. To participate in this challenge, new client is required to register for a Live MT4 account here. Alternatively, client can join this campaign by registering for an MT4 account via an introducer QR code or affiliate link.
  3. This campaign is strictly for new clients who do not have any live trading accounts with AIMS for the past 12 months.
  4. To attain the Spartan level, tougher trading conditions will apply. Higher spreads of currency pairs will be expected. E.g. EURUSD will be having a spreads of 3.8 - 4 pips range.
  5. Qualified Live MT4 accounts will then be credited with 500 credit bonus.
  6. This campaign is applicable to all trading instruments.
  7. Client will not be able to withdraw the credit bonus at any point of time throughout the entire trading course.
  8. Settlement of account will be on the second weekend from the date of inception.
  9. On the settlement period, all credits and available profits will be removed from accounts which are not funded by the trader.
  10. Any profits and available credit bonus will be aggregated as new credit bonus (see illustration below), only on accounts which have been funded by the trader with a minimum of USD2000.
  11. Any self funding of minimum USD2000 can be via various deposit method here.
  12. 3 Pips Self rebates will commence on trades whereby account has been funded with minimum USD2000.
  13. AIMS reserves the right to decrease client's leverage at any point of time without prior notice.
  14. Leverage given in this promotion will be 1:200 for all trading instruments. AIMS reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to deny the client from any benefits presented in the campaign, should there be any form of abuse or violating utmost good faith to the campaign.
  15. Top 5 participants who have achieved will be notified by email by AIMS client service team.
  16. By signing up for Spartan Race campaign, you consent to AIMS (Auric International Markets Limited) to collect, use and disclose your personal data as provided in the registration form.