What are the promotions that AIMS offer?
  • AIMS is not only committed to give our clients added incentives, but also to constantly enhance the trading environment with new attractive incentives. We are confident that there will be something to your liking right here at AIMS. We understand that you want to get the most out of your money as an intelligent trader and we will certainly satisfy your desires.
  • AIMS incentives are usually divided into 2 categories :
  • 1. For all new traders or existing traders with new deposits
  • 2. For all AIMS affiliates
Does AIMS offers deposit bonuses?
  • AIMS offers new traders or existing traders an additional 10% credit bonus each time they fund their trading accounts. Do take note that AIMS reserves the right to change the terms and conditions as well as the amounts of the Trading Credit at its sole discretion and/or terminate the Trading Credit provision at any time without prior notice to the client.
What is the difference between equity and credit used in promotions?
  • Fund deposits into accounts are considered equity and can be withdrawn at any point in time based on your discretion. Through many of our promotions, bonus credits are usually issued to our clients. These credits are almost equivalent to equity except that it is non-withdraw able until the following condition is fulfilled. When one standard lot is traded, credits will be converted to cash based on the following conversion rates :
  • For example, you are awarded USD 1000 credits through our welcome bonus with a USD 10000 account funding. In order to convert and withdraw the full bonus amount, your aggregate number of lots traded must be at least (1000/3) = 333.33 lots.
  • 500 lots; 2 USD per traded lot
  • 501 – 1000 lots; 3 USD per traded lot
  • 1001 and more; 3.5 USD per traded lot
Charge-off of trading credits?
  • The Trading Credit decreases proportionally to the amount(s) the Client withdraws from his Trading Account. To calculate the exact decrease amount, all the Client's deposits will be added up and the total amount of sums withdrawn from his Trading Account will be subtracted. The result of this calculation equals to 100%. After this, a percentage ratio of the upcoming withdrawal from the Trading Account against the previous result will be calculated. This ratio equals to the amount of the Trading Credit decrease. If the total sum of Trading Account withdrawals exceeds the total sum of deposits, the Trading Credit gets completely charged-off (nullified).