Sport Ambassador

A Rising Star's Exceptional Journey with AIMS

National Shooter in SEA Games

Abraham Eng Wei Jin

Silver Medal, 2017 SEA Games

Malaysian Shooting Prodigy Abraham Eng Appointed as Sports Ambassador by AIMS

About Abraham Eng
At the tender age of 14, Abraham Eng etched his name in the annals of Southeast Asian sports history. He became the youngest champion in the Southeast Shooting Championship, and his star has continued to rise ever since. In 2017, during the Southeast Asian Games in Kuala Lumpur, he secured a prestigious Silver medal. But Abraham’s story is not just about his shooting prowess; it’s about the unwavering commitment, precision, and dedication that mirrors the qualities of a skilled trader.

ABRAHAM's Secret Recipe for Success


Abraham’s remarkable journey has found its perfect match in AIMS. Just as precision and knowledge are vital in both shooting sports and trading, Abraham’s dual passion for shooting and trading embodies the spirit of “AIMS FOR FAME.” resonates with Abraham’s commitment to excellence, and the values we share are the cornerstones of this inspiring partnership.

Join the Journey

Abraham Eng is not just a Sports Ambassador; he’s an inspiration for the next generation of traders and athletes. As part of the AIMS community, you can join us in celebrating his remarkable journey, follow his progress, and be inspired to reach for your own greatness.


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Aim high, aim for greatness, and aim for success with Abraham Eng and AIMS.

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